In the Spring of 2020 we welcomed our 4th baby and when we learned she couldn't handle even the little amount of caffeine and dairy in mom's favorite chai latte, we set out to find a caffeine, dairy free chai latte. The problem was, there wasn't one. In fact we looked for any kind of tea offering low sugar, low caffeine with all natural ingredients, we couldn't find any we felt comfortable sharing with our kids. So we made our own. 

We took the flavors we love and created just what we were looking for. We not only accomplished this with the silky delicious vegan chai latte but we made it instant, so it can uphold a decent shelf life, and can be taken anywhere. We also created a fresh sweet bottled tea, equally as delicious and convenient for those busy soccer days when our kids are looking for something refreshing to drink. All decaffeinated so our whole family can enjoy in the great flavor.