Is your tea organic?

    • We strive to use all organic ingredients whenever possible. We are still learning the process of becoming certified organic.

Do you sell loose leaf tea?

    • We do have some loose leaf teas available as customized orders only. 

Do you provide wholesale prices?

    • We provide wholesale to legitimate businesses at this time. if this is of interest please contact us for further details. 

Are you in any stores?

    • We are currently in the process of expanding our product line availability to stores and local shops. 

Is your tea sweet?

    • Yes, we use just enough organic agave to sweeten our bottled teas, so it doesn't spike blood sugar. In our instant mixes we use regular sugar. However, we do offer an unsweetened version. 

Does your tea have caffeine?

    • We use a chemical free process to decaffeinate our bottled teas. Our instant teas are decaffeinated as well. Any product that contains caffeine will specify in its product description.